At high speed to delicious and hot panini

Hot snacks in the to go business are still on everyone's lips. An end to the general trend is not foreseeable, but more and more individual adjustments. That's exactly my motto:


Individual advice instead of standard answers!

You are busy in bakery, catering, hotel, kiosk or other gastronomy? Then we should talk to each other and find successful solutions for your individual concern. Use competence and passion together with the High Speed ​​Panini Grill for your operational success. In addition to Germany, we are also active in BeNeLux, Austria,Greece,Hungaria and many other countries.

As a dealer, the Electrolux ​​Grill, HSG or Speedelight for short, is the focus of my activities. This grill is now sold under the name Speedelight Basic. Detailed information can be found on the page Speedelight The basic version of the new SpeeDelight has all the advantages of its "big brother" except the flex plate above. This gives you, as a customer, the choice between 2 different grills, exactly matching the needs of your company.

In addition, I also offer you targeted concepts with other building blocks such as an extensive selection of simple contact grills or conveyor toaster. With me you will always find exactly what you need to work successfully and efficiently in your segment. My claim is not to be the greatest, but the best.


Interested in a review of Speedelight compared to other grills? Unfortunately only available in German here


From my assortment: The OVENBAG, a heat - resistant and grease repellent bag, made of the well - known saga paper. The snack is heated in the bag, gets grill strips and is prepared just as fast as usual, possibly leaking cheese does not pollute the grill or oven. At the same time, the OVENBAG can be used as sales packaging. One package from production to sale. Clean idea, right? More information

The complete range of Electrolux kitchen equipment is available. Since not all articles can be listed here please ask for more information for special products and contact us by Email




Also interesting for many companies is the hot air oven for burgers and convenience, a real highlight for quick preparation even without exhaust systems, e.g. in shopping malls.

Respond early to changing consumption habits of your customers


More information click here

To get in touch, use the contact form or our Facebook page with new tips for snack preparation. In search of further information on the devices, such as Instructions for the Electrolux Panini, ordering accessories, cleaning instructions? Under downloads you will find a lot of useful information.


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