Crispy and hot panini with Speedelight Basic, known as the High Speed Panini Grill

Speedelight is much faster than a normal panini press


As a professional in your business, you know: The customer is always under time pressure today. The trend towards "snack to go" is unbroken and will continue in the next years. Good if you can react to it and shorten the preparation times. Stand out and secure clear advantages in daily competition. With the Electrolux High Speed Grill, now called Speedelight Basic, you can prepare your snacks much faster and ensure the success of your customers.

The new HSG, now Speedelight Basic, has all the benefits of the new Speedelight except the flexible top plate for the perfect squeeze. Just like the Speedelight flex, the Speedelight Basic also has the new form, 8 programs that can be individually programmed, and the USB interface for fast transfer of preparation times and pictures of your products. Also built in is the new microwave technology.

No question that the taste of your products does not suffer from the speed. The programming of the Speedelight Basic can be even more variable, so that each product can be prepared in top quality and super fast. From A like "apple cake" to Z like "Zuccini - Pastrami".


You can rely on me for the first programming and commissioning. Your Electrolux HSG Panini Grill, which is now called Speedelight Basic, will be adjusted to your exact requirements. I explain the programming to you and your employees so precisely that they themselves can make changes at any time, e.g. with assortment changes.

You already have an Electrolux High Speed Grill and need accessories such as cleaners, Teflon paper, etc. Please use the order form.

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