Clean and practical, the Ovenbag ,  first protection for the grill, then snack bag as to go packaging!

Many have been waiting for this packaging from the production of the snack to delivery to the customer. The new Ovenbag meets all expectations and makes grilling and heating easier than ever before. You serve your customers much faster, since the handling of an already packaged snack is much easier and there is no lost time to clean the grill of spilled cheese or similar when the lane of customers is long.

The Oven bag can be placed directly in the grill or any other heating system to heat sandwiches, paninis and other snacks. The bread gets grill stripes (in a grill) through the packaging and becomes crispy. After the preparation, you pass on the snack in Ovenbag to your customers. The snack can be eaten directly from the bag or taken in it. When eating the crumbs remain in the bag and no cheese dripping on the clothes. Clean idea, or not?

Contains information about standard sizes and handling


Information on prices and orders see Take advantage of the Ovenbag. Individual printing from a print run of 25.000 pieces. See how Oven bag leaves a clean impression in your company. Contact us without obligation to learn more about or ask for sample shipment.

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