Does a panini always have to be hearty?




The Gelato panini maker


A completely new idea and a trend from the USA: Donuts, here better known as Berliner, etc., are cut open and filled with a scoop of ice cream and perhaps a little syrup or jam. Press the two halves together again and heat for 15 seconds in a special panini press. The dough coat closes by the heat, the ice and the jam remain cold. In one word: DELICIOUS !!


This small little machine turns a pastry from the day before to a delicious dessert, freshly prepared in front of your guests. It can be used Berliners with or without glaze with a diameter of 4 inches (10.16 cm) Sweetened products are no problem, on the contrary: The caramelized sugar gives the product a special flavor. Also works with a brioche


Easy, safe and fast to prepare a new product. It's really not more difficult as to see in the video. Interested in more information? Just contact us to discuss the possibilities

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