Crispy and hot is the new experience with Speedelight

Not only visually better than the High Speed ​​Grill. Even at work, the new Speedelight sets completely new standards in the snack business. Extended programming options, USB interface, even lower energy consumption, simple operation, counter and an upper grill plate which adjusts itself to the right height. Heat panini, focaccia, croissant, baguette, pizza, sausage rolls or apple strudel. No problem with the new Speedelight from Electrolux. Available now. 


The new Speed delight contains two outstanding changes that make working with the Speedelight easier.

The self-adjusting plate "recognizes" the contact with the product and locks in order not to crush the product when heated. This feature can be turned on or off within a program. So you determine which product is squeezed and which is not. Panino or Focaccia are usually very robust and it is desired by many customers also a certain part of bruising. For a sausage roll or a puff pastry product, customers do not want a squeezed product. In both cases, the grill strips bring not only a visual, but also a taste advantage. After each preparation, the top plate automatically returns to its original position, no matter if a flat sandwich or a 6 cm tall burger was last grilled. This innovation is offered by the Speedelight Flex. In addition, there is the Speedelight Basic with the manually adjustable upper plate as a base model. All other listed innovations, with the exception of the flexible upper plate, can be found in both variants of the Speedelight.


A completely new microwave technology heats your products evenly. In a standard microwave heating in principle takes place from outside to inside. The difference of temperature  between the core and the outer edge can be up to 20 ° C depending on the surface. The temperature compensation takes place only after a certain waiting time. The new technology in the Speedelight works in the same way in principle, but the new Speedelight achieves a much more uniform heat distribution by working with the patented, modified technology.


The new Speedelight sets completely new standards in the preparation of hot snacks. It combines the advantages of a hybrid oven with the advantages of a grill in one appliance. Never quickly tasted so good . In addition to the full version with the flexible top plate for the perfect squeeze, there is also a base version with all the benefits except the perfect squeeze feature. Decide for yourself which variant suits your company perfectly.


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